Below are some frequently asked questions about Silvaseed.

What types of seedlings does Silvaseed specialize in?

Silvaseed specializes in 1- and 2- year old conifer seedlings but also grows a wide variety of seedling types, often by customer request. Silvaseed grows 1-year-old seedlings in greenhouses, and 2-year-old seedlings outdoors in its bareroot fields.

How many seedlings does Silvaseed grow annually?

Silvaseed sows and grows more than 5 million seedlings every year.

Does Silvaseed sell individual trees?

Silvaseed is a wholesale nursery, producing high-volume seedling crops. The minimum number of seedlings that can be purchased is a single bag, which can contain from 120 to over 600 seedlings depending on stocktype.

Does Silvaseed buy pine cones?

Silvaseed works with private collectors to harvest green, unopened conifer cones during the fall. Silvaseed does not purchase old or open cones.

What services does Silvaseed offer?

Silvaseed provides a comprehensive range of seed and seedling services, including:

  • Collection
  • Extraction
  • Storage
  • Testing
  • Cultivation

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What is unique about Silvaseed's seedbank?

Silvaseed boasts the largest privately held tree seedbank in the western United States. Our seedbank contains thousands of seedlots, please contact us for more details. 

What is the process for ordering custom-grown seedlings?
To order custom-grown seedlings, customers can start a custom sow order, which involves:

  • On-boarding by an expert team member
  • Sourcing seeds or cones
  • Creating a custom sow order
  • Monitoring seedling growth until delivery
What are the payment terms for contract sow orders?

For container contract orders, a 40% deposit is required to confirm the order, with the remainder due at pickup. For Contract PLUG1 orders, a 30% deposit is required to confirm the order, an additional 30% following transplant, and the balance due at pickup.

Does Silvaseed offer seed storage services?

Yes, Silvaseed offers seed storage at their facility in Roy, WA. The storage includes monitoring and backup systems. Seed storage is free with an annual seedling growing contract of 20,000 seedlings or more.

What are the fees for seed testing and stratification?

The fees for seed testing and stratification are as follows:

  • Purity, moisture, x-ray, and seed count testing: $75 per lot
  • Germination testing: $105
  • Stratification: $65 for the first 4 weeks, and $15 for each additional week
Can Silvaseed assist with cone processing?

Yes, Silvaseed offers specialized processing for custom orchard or wild-collected cone. This includes kiln drying, tumbling, dewinging, and thorough screening for debris and low-quality seeds.

Are there any upcoming closures we should be aware of?

Yes, please note that Silvaseed will be closed from June 29th through July 6th, 2024.

Does Silvaseed sell seedlings without a contract?

Yes, ask about our OTC selection for information about seedlings available without a contract.

How can I find out about surplus seed and seedlings?

Over the course of the growing season, Silvaseed occasionally has an over-production or surplus of some species and stock types of seed and seedlings. For additional details and a complete listing of remaining inventory, check our inventory list.

Is Silvaseed hiring?

Between November and March of each year, we hire for seasonal opportunities to support our busiest times of the year, please check our careers page for more information.

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When to Order

Contract Sow Orders

Sow orders for delivery the following year must be received by November 15th.

November 15th

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