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Carbon CatalystProgram Terms

Droneseed Carbon Catalyst Program Terms For 2021 Marketing Campaign

Participation requires: (1) application and acceptance into Carbon Catalyst Program; and (2) execution of Carbon Catalyst Agreement provided by DroneSeed (“Program Agreement”).

Finder’s Fee subject to DroneSeed’s acceptance of eligible landowners you refer, and the Program Agreement terms.

You cannot refer, and no Finder’s Fee or Bonus is payable in the case of, yourself as a landowner or a landowner you are employed by or are an agent, representative, or other intermediary of.

Bonus subject to a landowner you refer executing a reforestation services contract with DroneSeed and varies based upon the size of such contract, per the Program Agreement terms. Only 5 Bonuses available for distribution among all Carbon Catalyst Program participants.

DroneSeed makes no guarantee or representation regarding future earnings, or that you will make any specific amount of money, or any money at all, from the Carbon Catalyst Program.

$20,000 Bonus represents the maximum Bonus potentially available, per project, from the Carbon Catalyst Program and participants may earn less. Due to 5 total Bonus limit, among all participants, no Bonus may be available at the time a landowner you refer executes a reforestation services contract with DroneSeed.

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