Foresters, read about our wildfire recovery program

aboutcarbon catalyst

Carbon Catalyst is a partnership program between the professional consulting forester, SilvaSeed, and private family forest landowners.

We provide funding and regeneration services for people affected by 2021 wildfires in CA, WA, and OR. Landowners will not only receive funding for reforestation, but also high demand items such as local seed, seedlings, and even drone-seeding for hard-to-reach slopes.

    Forester benefits*
  • Refer eligible landowners and earn a finder's fee and up to $20,000

  • Access to the largest private seedbank in the West

  • Help your landowner recover quickly from tragedy

    landowner benefits
  • Significant returns of hundreds to thousands of dollars per acre

  • Get ahead of weeds by starting to reseed within 90 days of a wildfire

  • Funding options available for landowners with limited financing

    landowner eligibility
  • Owns 200+ acres of forest in CA, OR, or WA

  • Land affected by fire this 2021 wildfire season

  • Able to commit to storing carbon over the long term

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